Thursday 24 October 2013

Radiotherapy Tattoos

Lets have a chat about Radiotherapy and tattoos……  These are little markings that are made at the beginning of cancer treatment to guide the technician.
Although these are very small, some people are very bothered by them.  After cancer treatment, people want to get back to being the person they were before the treatment.  They want their hair to grow back and just want to look and feel the way they did before the treatment began. 
This process may involve treatment on their new hair as well mastectomy bra fittings by a professional.  Prosthetic breast forms should also be fitted by a highly qualified professional.  Breast forms are made from specialized materials and can look and feel comfortable and natural.
Choose a retailer that is familiar with fitting mastectomy bras and takes time to make sure that the fit is perfect.  Fitting you properly involves measurement and a lot of times it can be trial and error.  You should expect spend an hour with your fitter, more if you require breast forms fitted.  You should never feel that you’re being rushed.
Radiotherapy tattoos are very easy to remove.  Often only one laser treatment is needed and the results are instant!!!!!  There is very little risk of complications and it can make a huge difference to the person in recovery.  Some skin clinics offer free laser tattoo removal for those that have Radiotherapy Tattoos.  Find out if any of the clinics in your area offer this free service.  
There are also ways to support the re growth of hair in recovery.  Nioxin is a very good range that assists with hair growth and texture.  It is also remarkably reasonable in price.  This product should be used after chemotherapy is finished in order to give the scalp the best possible condition to promote re growth. 
No one can take the devastation that Cancer leaves behind but there are a lot of companies that can help you make it more bearable. 

Thursday 11 November 2010

Removing Tattoos on the NHS

Years ago tattoo removal was done under the NHS using mainly surgical methods.  Skin grafts were often used taken from other parts of the body to replace the skin lost where the tattoo was.
Now a days, the resources of the NHS are stretched to the limit and it is highly unlikely that you will be considered for tattoo removal treatment.  Cut backs have meant that any non essential treatments has been removed from the NHS.  This means that unless you have a very valid reason, the NHS will not entertain your request.
The only valid reason would be psychological scars that may result from having had the tattoo done.  This could be an abusive ex partner’s name, and you would have to be able to prove abuse.  Even with an example this extreme, it is highly unlikely you would be give priority for this sort of treatment over funding going towards more essential treatment.
The reason that funding has been pulled is that tattoos are considered self inflicted and there is an element that you have to live with your actions.  Also, if you consider that 40% of people that have had a tattoo would like it removed within 5 years….then you can see how the budget would have to be colossal in order to keep up with demand.
The only option is private tattoo removal.  There are two reliable ways to do this, laser and non laser, mainly Rejuvi Tattoo Removal. 
When choosing your clinic, the opposite applies to other surgeries.   In this case, the smaller the outfit the better the treatment.  Laser tattoo removal clinics in London  have sprung up everywhere selling you cheap (and worthless) sessions.   The same has happened with Rejuvi where is has recently been franchised through a private outfit.  The best treatment is provided by small clinic where one person takes control of your case and sees the entire treatment through.  By having one technician you can be assured that the same level of care will be applied each time.  But more importantly, the technician will know how you reacted to the treatment and can graduate the next treatment accordingly in order to get the best results.  Don's be afraid to ask to see their certificates and insurance.  Laser tattoo removal training must be undertaken by all technicians in order to get insurance.  
Tattoo removal is not an exact science and everyone reacts differently to it.  Therefore if you didn’t have good results the first time around but you healed very well, your technician can afford to be a little more aggressive the second time around.  This is why smaller is better, don’t be fooled by the large clinics thinking that their treatment will be better….chances are that it wont.
Do your research, shop around, the most expensive technician is not always the best but a good technician with good equipment will probably not be the cheapest either.

Thursday 30 September 2010

Pre Wedding Tattoo Regrets

Tattoos are an expression of oneself at a given time in life.  As life changes, tattoos may become a burden and no longer appropriate.
There are many different reasons for wanting a tattoo removed that range from not being happy with the artwork to simply having made a bad decision is the haste of youth.  A life changing event can trigger a desire to have them removed.
Perhaps the most common event is a Wedding.  The bride wants to look PERFECT on her day and an unwanted tattoo can influence her choice of dresses.   A bride can feel limited as to what she can wear on her special day by not wanting to show off her unwanted body art.
Another common occurrence is that a bride may need to opt for a special cultural dress such as a Sari, but may have a tattoo which she has kept a secret from her family.  In this case, the bride has no choice in her dress and needs to have her tattoo removed for very personal and cultural reasons.
Although there internet is full of lotions and potions that promise to remove tattoos the fact is that there are only two method that will work and both need to be done by a trained professional.  The only proven methods for tattoo removal are Laser and Rejuvi Tattoo Removal.
Laser is highly effective on black tattoos but will not remove green or red no matter what they tell you when they are trying to sell you a package of six sessions.  Red and Green do not come out with laser, not in 6, 10, 20 or 1000 sessions. 
The advantage of laser tattoo removal is that the after care is relatively easy compared to the non laser alternative and if done correctly, it is highly effective.  You should see your tattoo fade by 30% each time you have a treatment.  This does not mean that it will come out in 4 treatments, it means that it will be 30% of what it was before that treatment.  On average, you will be looking at between 10 and 20 sessions to erase a black tattoo.  Laser is not without after effects and will leave the skin very susceptible to skin cancer so sun block is a must.  The area will also never tan again.
The biggest problem with laser is that companies want to sell a block of sessions making it a very expensive proposition.  Once the money has been invested,  there is the issue that the technician can turn down the pulsations ensuring more sessions are needed.   Thus prolonging the process and the expense.
If the tattoo has colours, the only option is the Rejuvi Non Laser removal.  It’s highly effective specially in the body area but less effective if the tattoo is in the extremities like arms and legs.    On average you will need 5 to 10 treatments with Rejuvi depending on how stubborn your tattoo is.   It will require less treatments than laser and some say that it hurts less although the jury is out on that.
The big risk with Rejuvi is the scaring.  Any technician that tells you that you will absolutely NOT SCAR is not being honest.  The possibility of scaring has to do with two factors, the genetic predisposition to scaring and the skill of the technician.   There are technicians promising to remove the tattoo in one Rejuvi treatment….perhaps…..but they will also leave you with a scar.  Rejuvi is formulated to remove the tattoos gently and in several treatments.  Ask for before and after pictures and ask if you can speak to any of their clients.  Rejuvi technicians form a tight relationship with their clients by the very nature of their work and most have clients that are more than happy to speak about their experiences.
Stay away from tattoo parlours offering Rejuvi…Tattoo Removal is an art form in itself but very different to tattoing.  The same heavy hand of a tattoo artist that ensures beautiful work can leave scars when using Rejuvi.   A better alternative is a micro pigmentation specialist or a medical tattooist specially if you're looking for eyebrow tattoo removal.  
Which ever method is right for you, your skin will never go back to pre tattoo condition. Rejuvi will leave a small shadow even if the best of cases whilst laser could leave you with a burn like scar or best case a “ghost”.  You can then look into scar removal treatment in London, but this is never guaranteed.
Do your research,  get recommendations, and be very careful with your treatment provider.  A reputable clinic will never make you feel pressured into agreeing to have treatment or paying over the top for it.  A reputable clinic will help you through the process, make you feel at ease and not give you any assurances they can’t keep.  There are no easy answers with tattoo removal and if anyone paints you a rose garden…it’s a fairly good indication to try someone else.

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Tattoo Removal Prices and Costs

Tattoo removal cost and prices in the UK vary greatly even for the same procedure on the basis of location and the clinics.  In the UK, there are only two tattoo removal methods that are effective, laser and Rejuvi Tattoo Removal.
The industry has become riddled with unscrupulous people promising miracles only to disappoint after they have taken your money.  Although there are not guarantees with tattoo removal, there are steps you can take in order to minimize your chance of being disappointed.
Laser tends to be the pricier of the two.  Its will take anywhere from 8 to 20 sessions for complete removal and if you have red and green you will never get a complete removal.  This is a sore point as many clients seek a solution with Rejuvi after the laser clinic has “come clean” that they will not be able to remove colours.  Laser can be very effective for black tattoos but the unfortunate thing is that many people seeking to have their tattoos removed are not told this fact at the initial consultation.  Thus handing over money for a futile dream.  Before and after pictures are important and ask how long it will take, you should be seeing a fading of 30% each time you go.  If you don’t, the pulsations are not strong enough and they are fleecing you for more treatments.
Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is highly effective in the right hands.  Will take from 5 to 9 treatments and although you should not expect good results on the first treatment, some people do have fantastic results.  You should begin to see proper fading from the second treatment onward.  Technicians that offer Rejuvi often offer stretch marks removal treatment as well.
Be aware that not all Rejuvi technicians are created equal and this is an area where the “big names” are not necessarily the most experienced.  Rejuvi Tattoo Removal should be done with a precision micro pigmentation machine, not a tattoo gun as it is popularly done.  Many tattoo artists offer Rejuvi in their studios with disastrous consequences.  The tattoo artist is trained to be heavy handed, but the opposite is needed when removing the tattoo.
In the UK, laser treatments are being sold at around £600 for 6 sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and Rejuvi anywhere from £50 per square inch to £75 per square inch.
Before choosing which method is best for you, please research and do not make a decision based only on price.  Meet your technician and remember, the one you should go with is the one interested in giving you results not just taking your money.

Removing Lasered Tattoos with Rejuvi

Often, after several failed attempts to remove a tattoo with laser, people turn to the Rejuvi non laser tattoo removal method.  The most common reasons that people do this is because laser has either failed them or the progress is simply too slow.  Laser works best on black but will not take out many colours.  People then turn to alternative removal methods, Rejuvi being the most popular and most effective.
Rejuvi works in completely the opposite way as laser.  The Rejuvi pigment is tattooed onto the tattoo where it absorbs the ink and brings it back up.  Rejuvi, takes the tattoo out in the same way that it went in.  Laser on the other hand, works by breaking down the pigment into the skin and eventually the lymphatic nodes.
This is what poses the problem for Rejuvi….. by lasering the tattoo, the ink has now gone even deeper into the skin and therefore the Rejuvi is less effective. 
On average, it takes 3 Rejuvi treatments to get the ink to the surface of the skin where it can be taken out.  This means that if on average, an unlasered tattoo takes 5 to 9 treatments to come out with Rejuvi, a lasered tattoo will take 8 to 12 treatments.
By the time Rejuvi technitians get a see a lasered tattoo, its has usually been treated an average of 6 times.  This means that the tattoo will generally have scaring making it even more difficult to get to the pigment under the skin.   However, after a couple of Rejuvi treatments, the tattoos usually relent and begin to come out.
The most common result of the first Rejuvi treatment is for the tattoo to look darker.  This is because the pigment is coming closer to the first layer of the skin.   This could be the case for up to three treatments before the ink finally begins to come out.
Using Rejuvi after laser is not ideal….but it can be done provided that the patient is aware that it will be at least 3 treatments before they see results.  There are several semi permanent makeup Harley Street technicians that offer this treatment.  Do your homework as their skill level varies.  Many also offer scar removal and stretch marks treatment so having the same person being able to treat several possible side effects will diminish possible scars.

Rejuvi VS Laser Tattoo Removal

Rejuvi tattoo Removal is as much an art form as tattooing itself and not all technicians will give you the same results.  The Rejuvi works only as well as the technician that administers the treatment and the tools she or he uses as well as the technique that is used.  For this reason, finding the right technician is crucial to the final result.  Rejuvi is a better alternative to laser for various reasons.
-           Less treatments are needed
-          Takes out all colours
-          Far less expensive than laser
-          Will not leave you susceptible to skin cancer
Lets start with the tools.  Rejuvi is often administered by tattoo artist with tattooing machines.  Permanent Makeup technicians are a much safer alternative.  My view is that a conventional tattoo machines is simply too rough on the skin and should be avoided.  Cheap micro pigmentation machines should also be avoided.  The fact is that there is only one machine that I trust to do the job and that is the Precision Plus Micro Pigmentation machine.  The problem is that this piece of equipment costs as much as a car and the components (needles) are also expensive so most technicians will not even consider it.  However, if you don’t want to be left with a scar, you want to make sure that the best tools are used on your skin.  It’s worth paying a bit more for your treatment knowing that the equipment being used on you is the best on the market.
The way the treatment is administered is also key to success, but remember that success means two things, the tattoo coming off and no scar being left.  On this note, lets get one thing straight….what ever method you use, your skin will never return to pre tattoo condition.  But Rejuvi, if done correctly, will leave you with little more than a very unnoticeable shadow.   Please understand that this procedure does leave an open wound, and if the scab that is left after the treatment is prematurely pulled off, you have a high chance of scaring.  Therefore after care is key to not being left with a scar.  There are also genetic reason for scaring, African, Afro Caribbean or Asian backgrounds are highly likely to keloid.  For this reason, most technicians will not work on anyone from this background.  I do only in exceptional circumstances where people would prefer to have a scar than a tattoo and sign forms to that effect. Scar can be minimized using MCA (this is also a good way of stretch marks removal )or Needling but that requires and entirely different post tattoo removal treatment.
For those that have tried the treatment and complain they have seen no results…..well….this is quite common on the first session.  When you work on a person for the first time, you try to be gentle….the reason is that you do not know how that particular person is going to react to the Rejuvi and more importantly how that person is going to heal.  If I see that we didn’t get any results the first time around but healing was quick, I’m more aggressive the second treatment and generally get very good results.  Its best to do this than have the tattoo come off in one treatment and leave a horrible scar behind.
Rejuvi does require anywhere from 5 to 9 treatments, so it is a slow process although some results can usually be seen from the first treatment unless the tattoo has been lasered….if this is the case, you will need on average a further 3 treatments.  There many technician offering this.  Here is a link to a beauty salon in Caterham which offers the treatment
Rejuvi does work and it’s a far better alternative to laser.  But do your research, not all technicians are equal and your treatment will only be as good as the person that administers it!

Monday 20 September 2010

Removing Home Made Tattoos

If you have a homemade tattoo chances are you had this done when you were very young or where not in “a good place”. 

People with unwanted home made tattoos often suffer in silence telling people that they “like their tattoos” when in fact it’s a source of embarrassment.  Unwanted tattoos can become as painful as a form of self harm.

I have come across many ladies with names tattooed on their bodies.  Often, this was not done willingly but under duress ie.  “If you love me you would show it by tattooing my name on your arm”.  Unless you have been in an abusive and/or controlling relationship, it is impossible to comprehend the lengths women go to in order to not have yet another fight or rage with their partners.  Even strong intelligent women can be made to put up with horrific forms of abuse because they “just want to keep the peace, choose their battles, not be confrontational” or perhaps, they are just afraid of the next violent attack.

The fact is that there are only two methods of removing tattoos that show significant results, Laser and Rejuvi Non Laser Tattoo Removal.  Nothing else works.  The internet is full of “miracle creams” that promise to fade tattoos….in fact….they are skin corrosive and do more harm than fade the tattoos.  Please do not get taken in by the scams….  Let me say it again, there are two methods for tattoo removal, laser and Rejuvi Tattoo Removal System.

When looking for a Rejuvi technician, the first thing to ask is what machine they use.  A conventional tattooing machine is the choice of many technicians because of price but not the best alternative for the treatment.  A digital micro pigmentation machine is a far better option as its much gentler on the skin.  These do run well in the thousands of pound sterling so it’s easy to see why very few technicians use them.  Then ask for experience and how many treatments it will take to remove the tattoo. You will need 5 to 9 treatments of Rejuvi to take out a professional tattoo (add a further 3 treatments if the tattoo has been lasered).  Anyone that claims it will come out in one, is being too aggressive and will leave a scar.  Rejuvi can also be used to remove semi permanent make up in London.

The same can be said when looking for a laser tattoo removal technician.  There has been a flood of Chinese machines into the market which is a good thing from the point of view that it has brought the price of treatment down to a level where it is affordable and bad in the sense that many people setting up to do tattoo removal has little or no training.  Proper tattoo removal training is a pre requisite of getting insurance so make sure you see proof of insurance.  

Which ever method you choose, 

The good news is that home made tattoos are particularly easy to get rid off.  Often, they will go in one to two treatments of Rejuvi.  Rejuvi is also very effective for tattoos on the chest area.  It will take about 5 laser treatments for the same results.

What ever method you choose, make sure it’s the right for you and your budget.